CREATIVE MOVEMENT with Valentina Gaia Lops
to Jan 4

CREATIVE MOVEMENT with Valentina Gaia Lops

WHEN: Wednesday 16.30
AGE: 3-5 years
GROUP: 6 kids
TIME: 45-60 min
PRICE: 13 Euro per drop-in class/48 Euro per month (4 classes)

For new information in 2017 please contact us.

In this class the kids will enjoy movement using their imagination.
With the help of story telling, rhythmical and spatial games, children will connect with their own creativity and their bodies. 
Kids will explore movement playfully and will be encouraged to express themselves freely, relating to the space and to other children. 
The use of  the voice and vocalization, as well as and the interaction with the surrounding environment (objects, art supplies, smells, noises, etc.)  is welcome and supported for a multi-sensory approach to movement. 
Body awareness, coordination, musicality and rhythm will be learnt naturally and built upon throughout a fun and cheerful class.  
Classes will be tailored for children starting from 3 years old and will be run for 45 minutes. 
About the teacher: Valentina is a performing artist based in Berlin.
She has received training in classical and contemporary dance studies in Italy, Ireland and New York and has taken part in a number of collectives and international dance works. 
Valentina is also a qualified childcare practitioner and has a long repertoire of facilitating creative spaces for children providing a safe and playful environment.
She takes care of every single child respecting their physical and emotional needs, their rhythms and movement expressions. 
Valentina's knowledge of pedagogical studies, dance and the human body is a perfect combination for a creative and educational class in which a natural, organic approach to movement and self-expression is used to guide children through their journey of self-discovery.  

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SING  ALONG SONG AND DANCE for toddlers and pre-schoolers with Louise Watts
to Sep 8

SING ALONG SONG AND DANCE for toddlers and pre-schoolers with Louise Watts

Music session for children 18-36 months old
WHEN:  Thursday 16.30
GROUP:  6 kids (plus parents)       
PRICE: 13 Euro drop-in class/48 Euro per month (4 classes).

Sing, dance, move, improvise, listen, learn and play – all in this action-packed Music class for toddlers or pre-schoolers and their parents to enjoy together. Together  we’ll  learn and sing lots of children’s songs and rhymes,  as well as learn actions and movements  to assist both sensory motor skills and musical development.  
We’ll explore and play percussion instruments and listen to music from different genres.
Simple dances, movement and learning through play are also integral parts of the class.
Come and share all the delight music brings, and encourage your little one to love singing, to explore their creativity and respond to and love music.
About Louise: Singer, actor and music educator Louise has been based in Berlin since 2010. Singing, performing and teaching the joy of singing, music and performance are her passions in life. Originally from regional Australia, Louise has spent many years as a choral director, music educator and private voice tutor. 
She directed and conducted primary school choirs and music theatre groups all over Sydney. Louise currently teaches voice and choirs in several Berlin primary schools, and runs a weekly “Jam Session” workshop.

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to Mar 27



"The Birth of Spring"

creative explorations through art history, art-making, and movement

This workshop is a series of 4 consecutive meetings connected to the subject of spring. Together with children we will look at how painters from different time periods (the Renaissance artists, the Impressionists, as well as 18th century Indian painters) depicted this time of the year on canvas. We will then express our own impressions and experiences of spring using diverse artistic techniques and materials (such as large format painting, collage, sculpting, drawing, printing). Movement exercises and games are at the foundation of this class. Through embodied engagement children develop presence, attention to their own experience, and confidence to express themselves. 

When: 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 28/3 - 16:45-18:15h
Cost: whole class 55 Eur, drop-in 15 Eur
Age: from 4 y.o.
Places are limited.


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GERMAN CONVERSATIONAL GROUP - B1-C1 with Elena Mordmillovich
to Jul 5

GERMAN CONVERSATIONAL GROUP - B1-C1 with Elena Mordmillovich

WHEN: Wednesdays 12.30
GROUP: 8 people
PRICE: 10 Euro /35 Euro 4 class Card (to use during 4 weeks) or 40 Euro 4 class Card(to use during 6 weeks, 2 cancellations possible)

Babies are welcome
German conversational group is made for those who already have had the B1 lessons, but still struggle to express themselves in german. Quite often we expect from the language course that we immediately start speaking fluently because we know so much. But to integrate this new stuff and also get used to proper articulation it is important to have a lot of practice. Our group will create both safe and motivating environment which helps refresh your german, use what you learned, see what you are strong or week at and fix the weak part. Discussing interesting topics and having fun socializing will make you feel more confident. You will also have the opportunity to enlarge your vocabulary for conversational purposes or revise any language issues you find difficult or confusing. 
About the teacher: Elena was born in Moscow. She has been speaking German since 8 years old. Elena holds a diploma as german language teacher and linguist from the Moscow State University. She holds a number of certificates from various seminars and workshops from Goethe-Institut, DAAD and has been for years an actress in the Austrian student theater.

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Magic Garden: Art+Science Workshop for Kids
8:00pm 8:00pm

Magic Garden: Art+Science Workshop for Kids

How are carrots born into the world? And what about the watermelons? What are colours? And how to make our own paint? When outside is cold and grey can we have a garden inside? In this workshop we will learn to make our own colourful paints from fruit and vegetables. We will then create our own garden full of our favourite berries, vegetables and fruit. We will extract pigments, make our own colours, and draw, paint, mould, sculpt and create a garden together. 

Language(s): English and Russian
(we also speak German, Spanish and French if your kids might need translation)

Age: 5-8

More info:

Image by Louise Lockhart

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