CREATIVE MOVEMENT with Valentina Gaia Lops

WHEN: Wednesday 16.30
AGE: 3-5 years
GROUP: 6 kids
TIME: 45-60 min
PRICE: 13 Euro per drop-in class/48 Euro per month (4 classes)

For new information in 2017 please contact us.

In this class the kids will enjoy movement using their imagination.
With the help of story telling, rhythmical and spatial games, children will connect with their own creativity and their bodies. 
Kids will explore movement playfully and will be encouraged to express themselves freely, relating to the space and to other children. 
The use of  the voice and vocalization, as well as and the interaction with the surrounding environment (objects, art supplies, smells, noises, etc.)  is welcome and supported for a multi-sensory approach to movement. 
Body awareness, coordination, musicality and rhythm will be learnt naturally and built upon throughout a fun and cheerful class.  
Classes will be tailored for children starting from 3 years old and will be run for 45 minutes. 
About the teacher: Valentina is a performing artist based in Berlin.
She has received training in classical and contemporary dance studies in Italy, Ireland and New York and has taken part in a number of collectives and international dance works. 
Valentina is also a qualified childcare practitioner and has a long repertoire of facilitating creative spaces for children providing a safe and playful environment.
She takes care of every single child respecting their physical and emotional needs, their rhythms and movement expressions. 
Valentina's knowledge of pedagogical studies, dance and the human body is a perfect combination for a creative and educational class in which a natural, organic approach to movement and self-expression is used to guide children through their journey of self-discovery.