GERMAN CONVERSATIONAL GROUP - B1-C1 with Elena Mordmillovich

WHEN: Wednesdays 12.30
GROUP: 8 people
PRICE: 10 Euro /35 Euro 4 class Card (to use during 4 weeks) or 40 Euro 4 class Card(to use during 6 weeks, 2 cancellations possible)

Babies are welcome
German conversational group is made for those who already have had the B1 lessons, but still struggle to express themselves in german. Quite often we expect from the language course that we immediately start speaking fluently because we know so much. But to integrate this new stuff and also get used to proper articulation it is important to have a lot of practice. Our group will create both safe and motivating environment which helps refresh your german, use what you learned, see what you are strong or week at and fix the weak part. Discussing interesting topics and having fun socializing will make you feel more confident. You will also have the opportunity to enlarge your vocabulary for conversational purposes or revise any language issues you find difficult or confusing. 
About the teacher: Elena was born in Moscow. She has been speaking German since 8 years old. Elena holds a diploma as german language teacher and linguist from the Moscow State University. She holds a number of certificates from various seminars and workshops from Goethe-Institut, DAAD and has been for years an actress in the Austrian student theater.